Greetings from a sleepy boy.

I’d like to say I’ve been out and about shaking the art world to its very chore, but I’m not sure it has a singular core any more and I’m pretty sure it would take more than me  writing to you from the comfort of my sleeping couch.
Though today has been a magical day of sorts. I enjoyed the early dawn hours alone outside and alone in my studio. I painted on one whilst preparing to say good bye to another.
My Girl ~ Venus in Blue
Mixed media
*commission gift
Join me in saying good bye.




My Girl~Venus in Blue leaves tomorrow .
She’ll be missed, but I’d rather spread joy than own a piece of my own work.
I was also able to simply spend some time enjoying the studio here are a couple of pics you’d never see unless you were to come over at 1,2,3am.

A little morning music by candle light , always nice.




At this stage with the next My Girl series I’m just doing the color blocking and basic shading. In pieces like this hundreds of hour can be spent doing just shading. Once the lower half get to a good point I’ll start figuring out how I’d like the back ground to fit into the piece. Thankfully in doing so it will give definition and depth to the foreground form. There is still a ton of charcoal shading lines that I’ve not washed off so please excuse the roughness of the edges. Also the introduction of the background will fix the fuzzed line. Well I started my new meds today and I must say they’re pretty strong for me at least, clonozapam. It’s going to take some time to get adjusted to this as it makes me really really sleepy. But on the plus side I’ve only taken 2 of the 6-8 Percocet I usually take a day. Okay well it’s time for dinner around here soon going to disappear for a quick minute.
Much love and light to all.

A life in progress.

27 thoughts on “Greetings from a sleepy boy.

  1. Dear Benjamin,
    The photographs of “Venus in Blue” are wonderful.
    However, as I sit here at my desk and gaze at this very moving piece that I have received as a gift from a very dear friend, I must say no photo could ever do it justice.
    I wish everyone could see it in real life.
    I’ve been marveling at it for 3 days now. Emotions then words then more emotions and more words swirl around from heart to head… head to heart.
    This is a very special gift that I will cherish the rest of my life.
    Only you could have created it!
    Much love and admiration,
    Resa xoxo


  2. Reblogged this on Art Gowns and commented:
    “Venus in Blue”, a gift to me from my dear FGS Robyn (THROUGH THE HEALING LENS) has more than deeply touched my heart. xoxoxo
    To me, this commissioned artwork by Benjamin Prewitt is the fruition of love, imagination and inspiration thriving together.
    A million thank you’s to both are not enough, but will have to do.


  3. Hi Benjamin 😀 I have just come from Resa’s blog to say well done. A fine piece of work. I read in her blog and in these comments that she is thrilled to bits. Ralph 😀


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