Friends helping Friends

I’d like to think that those who really know me know me well enough to understand that I’d help just about anyone. And heck if I actually know you then the deeds are limitless I would perform to ensure a friends happiness,safety and wellbeing.
That being said this post is dedicated to a brilliant artist whom I treasure as a friend, artist and all around amazing person. I’d like to present a work of art NOT DONE by ME: please enjoy the beautiful work.





“Double Trouble”
Mixed media
An original painting by

Please contact seller directly at

I must say this piece is Stunning!!
Many thanks my dear friends for your time and support.

Much love and light.


33 thoughts on “Friends helping Friends

  1. Reblogged this on behindthemaskofabuse and commented:
    Benjamin Prewitt and incredible artist, was kind enough to post one of my art pieces on his site. It’s the first one ever that I have put up for sale. Thank you so much Benny! Do Check out Benjamin’s art, it’s absolutely incredible.


  2. This is so great, both of y’all’s works are amazing. I’m still in love with the blue/green painting you did that looks like deep water, very soothing.


  3. lovely, zoe. i like the proximity of the light bumping right up next to the dark with everything reaching over and getting tangled up together and going around each other in both directions. like life, and trying to find your way through it and back sometimes. beautiful and i’m quite sure you’ll find a buyer for this – best, beth


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