When in doubt……paint..

Hi, I hope you had a good day. It’s no real secret that I often paint pieces that contain emotions and feeling that I need to have in my life. Lately things have been pretty crazy. Matter of fact ever since the move to the farm house life has been in this strange limbo place. Sure, the art has been flowing for the most part and as an artist that sells work their work it’s been selling, which is good because health care in the US is really expensive. Anyhow that’s not the point if this post. With all the chaos swirling around me these days and the progression of my PD getting worse it’s getting harder and harder to keep things straight and in order. Which means it’s become more and more important for me to spend time in the studio balancing the chaos with some calm.

That being said let’s look at some very new pieces in the works.

This piece is 24″x36″
And still very early in its development.
I have two pieces in a very similar color palette both bring me a feeling of peace as calm.

Circle and the Sea.
The other piece in the similar palette as the first painting. Is one I started last night but really didn’t get color introduced until today.

This piece is called
It’s 18″x18″ square. I have a feeling it will come together quickly. Oh I forgot the piece has evolved a bit since the first photo. This piece for me symbolizes the calm coming from or rather rising above the darkness. An inner light that is out shining the darkness that is trying to envelope it.

Over the next few weeks don’t be surprised if you see a lot of circles coming from the studio as well as many blues and greens. To my friends in the UK and NZ/AU good morning it’s lovely to see you and to the rest of us good evening and good night. I hope the day was and is kind to all of you and you to it. For if not us then whom.
And to quote a man I wish I’d had met.
e.e. Cummings

Good night all. Sleep well and may your dreams be calm and gentle.

Much love.
Ps: The feature painting is the first of the “My Girls” collection and lives with my brother who is moving to Charlottesville VA this weekend.


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