The masks of men…**beware triggers**

First I’d like to thank you all for tolerating my absence yesterday I found myself in a place I’d long since forgotten about. A place of personal rage and revenge. Two things that you should not feed an ex Irish warrior and expect to live through. Thankfully I have people in my life that keep me from unleashing my demons upon our world. Those days are gone and I’ll leave the hunting of monsters to others.
Since charges have been filed and all the information I’ll present is public knowledge I’ll provide a link for those who are interested. I will use a first name but that’s it as there are many other innocent people involved whom I don’t wish to cause any more pain than they’ve experienced. Heaven forbid that even be possible.
Monsters in the masks of men..

Just prior to leaving on my latest travels we had been having trouble getting ahold of our contractor MORGAN, this wasn’t to terribly odd as he’d worked for the family for many years and we kind knew his routine. He’d always been a great contractor, big smile, friendly face, church going and very dependable for us. Then the other shoe dropped. A few days into my travels I receive a text from home stating that we still haven’t heard from Morgan. At this point we start to worry it’s out of character for him, later that night I receive another text stating that Morgans wife and father had just left and something horrible had happened to Morgan and he wouldn’t be coming back and they would help find us another contractor to do our windows and siding as we’ve already paid Morgan 20k to get materials etc…………

The next day I receive a text from home containing a link….and the statement that simply said. I don’t want to talk about it just check the link.
Bohnstedt to make the rest of this post make any sense you kinda need to check the link. But please if you have any triggers in regard to rape, prison, theft. DO NOT READ FURTHER OR CHECK THE LINK.
Now that you’ve had time to read the link and pick your jaw up off the floor
Yeah, wow. Not only has this monster destroyed his family of 17 years but the interpersonal relationships of his children for the rest of their lives. As for my family we will get our money back, find another contractor and move on with our lives. Unfortunately Morgans actions have stirred many emotions for many reasons in my house as well. But I’ll not be speaking of those things as they are not mine to tell.

Though I can speak first hand about molestation and rape as a victim and survivor but honestly for me it’s not important and I’ve written about it before. My demons died long ago and with them any real chance of reconciliation so I’ve moved on. So what’s the moral or point of any of this? Honestly I’m not sure, I needed to be open about the things that are happening in my life, I need the world to protect its babies from monsters wearing the masks of men. These predators are dangerous people and so often we willingly and openly invite them into our homes without ever having a clue as to their true nature.

In conclusion trust your gut, your instinct of fight or flight is often right.
There isn’t anything I can say here that hasn’t been said a thousand times already by sadly a thousand people who have already lived with and through this type of trauma themselves. For me it’s all the more reason to spread love and light into our world, to be and act as a protector and white knight that I was born to be. Know this my friends when I say I’m here for you I am. Everyday all the time in any and every way I can be.
As always, Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have.

Much love,
A life in progress.


27 thoughts on “The masks of men…**beware triggers**

  1. Such creatures are sub humans and sometimes not even that, they are demons. No real human being would commit such sins. I am also glad that you and yours are OK and I’ll remember those other unfortunate victims in my meditations. Not because I’m a sanctimonious man but because I believe that prayers which emit from the hearts of real humans are those that are heard and acted upon.


  2. i am sickened and saddened by this. overwhelmed. my thoughts to all who have suffered in any way at the hands or mind of this monster. please take care in all you do. i am so sorry for this.


    • Thank you B. As am I barely able to contain my rage. I’m thankful I am older and wiser than I used to be. It’s hard for me to not lash out at evil when I know it’s face and name. Especially when it’s so close to my home. This monster was in my house, with my kids. Has my dollars still. But I will try with all I am to not make our lives any more complicated than they already are.


      • We should not seek revenge on those who have committed crimes against us, or reply to their crimes with other crimes. We should reflect that by the law of karma, they are in danger of lowly and miserable lives to come.
        – Dalai Lama


  3. You left me speechless, my friend. You don’t have to apologise for posting anything. It’s yOur blog and you can play with it anyway you want to. That’s what friendship is all about: the good times and the bad; the happy and the sad… I’m here, we’re here. Always. Tight hug!


  4. I barely know how to express myself Ben. My post today was about a monster in my life and yes, those triggers exist for me from prior and have been fired both barrels more recently.
    I am so glad that you and yours are “okay” and I pray that time will bring some kind of healing or peace to the others involved. ~ always, kei


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