Each day

Each day I wake and am able to greet you with a smile is a gift.

Each day I have the strength to take another breath is a gift.
Each day I have you in my life is the greatest gift of all.

**today you will not see me much for the world calls for my attention in a great way. Something I’ve kept from you. Whilst away on my travels a great misdeed was bestowed upon my house and another. A monster in the mask of a man harmed a great many people he left some physically scarred for life (not my house) and others he left with a great monetary burden (mine). Fore which these deeds will not go unpunished be it by my hand or the hand if the law. I will make sure justice is served. Then I will go to PT which is the least of my labors today.

On these words though I will stand high and resubmit that each day grants us all the opportunity to do and be all that which we desire and give give love and light to its fullest.
Each day is a New Horizon

Each day make the choice to be greater, more kind more understanding and more compassionate than the next and you shall be.



19 thoughts on “Each day

    • Thank you for your kindness. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a post about the situation as I believe it should come to light and after today, this morning for me I believe I’ll legally be able to name names which I will as it’s an issue that society needs to be reminded of. Again your a light in my life I cherish daily.


  1. Justice can be very hard to come by as I recently and sadly learned. I am doing my best to shine a light on it regardless. I’ll keep you in my thoughts today Ben. Your strength shared with us redoubles it back. Love and light to you ~ kei


  2. strength to you and all of those who were wronged by this horrible circumstance. please tread lightly with the act of revenge, it can lead to feelings as strong and negative as the original act itself. my hope is that the law will bring justice to this situation. i understand your knight’s approach to wanting to rectify this wrong, against those you care for, but please be careful in the path you take.


  3. I can imagine. It’s very sad and since you were gone from home, perhaps a hint as to who…. In any case, rest knowing karma is energy and she never sleeps. All will be as it must be… A hard time, I am so sorry. my love to you with a prayer all will be made right again soon. xxx


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