There are lots of words tonight: beware

Dawns delight a lasting love affair:

As the sun rises to meet the night one last time before they part
A gentle kiss was slipped
a grasping graze at the nights hand just to say i’ll miss you my love please come see me again, as you always do.
For only he can sing her song of love The night, his love, the light with passions heat her beauty blinds him of all others and her love dries his streets so the busy bee’s can tend to their needs.
He will wait this night in love with the day for his time to come, once again grasp for a touch to fill his heart to ease his pain to call her name so that she will come for him once again. This day, this light, this morning. Spread your light so the green roses grow strong with your love and I will keep the night warm to protect your precious garden. Until we meet again for a glimpse a grasp only passing in the night.



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