Finished,almost finished and more work to do.

After coming home from my travels this time I find myself more motivated and focused than ever. So much so I’m having a hard time keeping track of simple normal things. Yesterday I was so excited to go help a friend with some errands and run some of my own I actually forgot my pills.!!! A first. The one thing that I absolutely have to have. Then this morning, again I can’t find my damn pill case lol. Thankfully that’s only where I keep the ones I carry for the day. So yes it’s very easy to say my head is swimming in words and paint. Here is a look at the things that are finished, almost finished and still have work to do.

My Girl
Abstract figure
Mixed media
Commissioned piece

Winters Birch
28″x52″ framed
Mixed media



I’m very pleased with the frame on the tree. It’s hard to tell but it’s a antiqued reddish brown with a gold inlay, personally I find it to be just eclectic enough yet still refined to this piece.

Moon and Tree
Mixed media

Its signed but after I took this photo I realized it still needed some work so I’ll be making some minor changes that will have major yet subtle impact, if that makes any sense. Often I have a very hard time seeing what you and other see until I take a photo and look at the work as if viewing it for the first time. One of the very special things about this piece is it’s the first of my vintage paneling that I was given. The wood that this is painted on is from an era when quality of product was at its highest, back in a day when it was normal for people to make things by hand. I believe it is from 1950-55, thankfully I still have over a 100 linear feet of the stuff so plenty o pieces to come from this paneling.
And last but not least a textured piece that I’m slowly working on.

This one is 24″x36″ and I already have a frame ordered for it. Now it’s just up to me to get in gear and get it done. I also have three clean and prepped smaller panels ready to go so this weekend will hopefully be a productive one in the area of paint.
As always I want to thank each and every one of you for making my world a better place to be. I couldn’t do what I do without you. You give me strength when I have none. Hope when my heart is weak and you light my way in my darkest hours. You may think that’s an exaggeration but it’s not. I don’t see myself as many of you see me. To me I truly am just a man with some paint and words, just a boy trapped in a dying mans body. A broken warrior and wandering knight looking for a place to rest my tired heart and soul. So yes I really am honored and humbled by your kindness. Each day of my life is a blessing, each painting that sells is a life changing humbling experienced for me.
Again, many many thanks and as always, Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.




6 thoughts on “Finished,almost finished and more work to do.

  1. damn the pills, the pain, the body that fights you at every turn. like a knight continuously encountering a fire-breathing dragon, you continue to persevere even on the hardest day and i see it in the beauty of your art and your words.


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