Last Day ~ Final paint

Some words and paint on this traveling painters last day of adventure.

He(art) :
For a thousand years I’ve held your
For a thousand more will you hold my heart?
I’ve know your soul by a hundred names.
In this darkened place called life.
Your beauty guides me from the night.
Giving strength to tired hands and heavy heart.
A smile to light the way
and gift to say, you may.
Such touch does the heart beat like a drum from a distant tome.
Never ending hunger feeds this souls
With dreams of a better day.
Now clouded with pills
Words dripping from the mind like spring rain
Sprouting flowers that only grow
In the darkness of the night.


I hope the day has found you well, I find that I’m always a bit melancholy on my final day of travel. It’s easiest to say I truly am of two minds. I miss my son a great deal but at the same time as an artist I thrive in this environment . I crave the newness of each breath and breeze. The challenge of creating in new spaces and places capturing old familiar feelings in a new light. I’d say without a doubt I love what I do. Painting and writing feed my he(art) and soul more than I could ever find words to truly express, I guess that’s why I continue to write. If I’d found all the words and paint my job here in this life would be complete.
I’d like to share an excerpt from an artist statement I’m writing, as with my art I believe my statement should evolve to fit the depth of my work. This taste I give you is just that and may or may not ever find it’s place in the pages of my life.

How can one man give definition in a physical sense to the abstraction of the human heart and soul. To what form does mans heart hold and can I paint it in such a way that the rest of the world will understand that our humanity is at stake. The very fiber of every human heart and soul longs to have some form of connection with another being.
Meaning in an abstract heady sort of way that I strive through my art to create a common ground fore which man, woman and child alike can form a shared bond of love,peace,hope,courage and strength. I believe by the simple act of communication that we as a society can do these things. Art being the subject I have to offer in an effort to join our communities.

That being said I’ll bid you adieu until later. May life embrace you for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will become.
“A life in progress”


9 thoughts on “Last Day ~ Final paint

  1. it is lovely, benjamin. i am always a bit bittersweet on the last day of a trip as well. torn between the joy of the new adventure and the familiar comfort of home.


    • It is really a paradox. I agree completely though once home it has been nice to see my stuff and sit in my studio again. Painting in new places is always challenging because of the lack of proper tools


      • yes, i’m sure it must be more challenging while away, but perhaps it would push you to try new techniques or approaches that you’ve never tried before, and find surprising results that you enjoy.


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