Greetings from the moon

So as it turns out I’m not completely indestructible. After 5 days of odd sleep,lots of walking,drinking and general mayhem I find myself sitting here listening to the alarm sirens going off in my body saying STOP IT please……. I sit here on the front stoop drinking my coffee and looking at the pre dawn hours. Birds chirping to be fed and the low rumble of this town. I would go back inside but the body bastard that is says I need to sit here a while and let the meds do their thing.**note to self don’t go out until meds have fully kicked in** drinking my first coffee as fast as a man dying of thirst, waiting for the caffeine to start coursing it’s way through my tired bones I bring you a peak at some things I’ve seen as I see them. Please take into account I have zero magical powers when it comes to picture taking and I’m limited to my iPhone and it’s tricks.

The Wall
Think I’ve hit mine.

The wicked tree and me.

Nuff said

Have you seen my shadow
As soon as my legs begin to work again I’ll drag my butt back inside and start working on the third piece I’ve planned for this adventure. This far in review we have a few completed.

Important Things


When ever I do the traveling painter
Journals I tend to leave behind more than was intended. I guess you could say it’s a small token of my appreciation to my host for allowing me to experience life in way I’ve yet to.
That being said I hope the day finds you well, rested and cared for and may the universe be kind and gentle to you today. And you to it. For if not you, then who?

“A life in progress”


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