Day 5: The traveling painter

Today I have a feeling is going to be a great day. Why? You may ask is today going to be any better than the next. Because it has no reason not to be. I’m here traveling and enjoying a absolutely beautiful sunny day. Last night some time around 2am I completed “Important Things” and I started three more pieces. Two color studies and a third which remain a secret until later.


The color studies are going to be shown together and should I decide to sell them they will only be sold together. No more breaking up the pairs.

Color study in Blue.

Color study in Red (ish)
They are exactly copies of each other in opposite colors. One of the advantages of working with a really, really stiff texturing medium is it allows me to do texture transfers by simply pressing the panels together. A little secret if anybody wants to try this technique. Take one panel and “over” texture one panel and then let it dry completely. Once the one panel is completely dry I take a slightly diluted version of the texture medium and paint it over the dry panel using a very soft brush. Then simply press the two panels together and the “copy” of the original texture is magically transferred to the blank. The only difference between the two will be the depth of texture which can be easily remedied buy using that soft brush and building up thin layers until the thickness you want is reached. Okay well it’s time to get outside for some fresh air. As always Be brave, Be bold and Thrive in the life you have.



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