Completed: Important Things ~ Day four The Traveling painter

In our lives we will deem many things important some of them small in size. Some large in the scale of things. When I paint for an individual it’s a very personal thing. For us as the artworks creators an important thing. Thus giving it weight in the universe. For we as humans have given it a real world tangible value and in relation to whom I paint for it’s been given emotional value or weight as well.
With that being said I give you
Important Things

Important Things
**private commission piece
Mixed media

I think one of the things we so often forget in our busy life is that
Everybody has different important things and who are we as individuals
To think our important things are any greater or less than anothers.
So the basis of this peace is about, hope, balance, compassion and change(growth) both spiritual and intellectual.

A work in progress

On unrelated news, I have three days left in my travels and I look forward to doing some more painting and writing. Also a bunch of other silly stuff I can’t wait to share.


6 thoughts on “Completed: Important Things ~ Day four The Traveling painter

  1. Truly another masterpiece dearest Benjamin. I love the rich deep greens… and the geometry; Truly does seem to represent relativity and individual perspective in so many ways. Very well done Mr. Traveling Painter! Love your way ~ RL


  2. we each determine the importance of things in our lives, and i like your understanding of that – enjoy all of your fun and creative adventures on your trip, benjamin. i may be all out of order with responding to your posts, but know i have determined that each has a place of importance in my life, the order is unimportant.


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