Random thoughts.

So some ppl would say that the frame makes the painting others would say the painting is the focus the frame just keeps the perspective. Others might even say how an artist signs there work can make or break the piece. Honestly I don’t know and really would rather leave it to the critics. They can chat about random bits of stuff art snobbery and I’ll paint, thank you 😀
But maybe we should check and see if I’m in line with the museum quality norm. Just for giggles…



Seems like that’s in order,?
Oh here’s from this afternoon at the Kemper.

Hanging out with De Kooning at bit.


Miro and I had a little talk about stuff and things.


Then of coarse I had to look at signatures.




But really what do I know I’m just a guy with a brush. Have paint will travel..Maybe I should put that on my business card…? No probably not. Anyhow thanks for letting me play a little tonight. All the walking today kinda has my hips really angry at me right now. So painting will have to wait till late night early morning.
Much love and Saturday kisses.
Be good and stay safe.

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