Day 2 the traveling painter~First paint

Hi, After a day and night drying the base texture for this next piece has settled into something I think I can live with. Though I’m not very happy with first paint thus far. It feels all to familiar to me. But I’m going to let it dry a bit and go pick up some thinning medium which I completely spaced on getting yesterday whilst at the art store. So I guess here goes nothing, first look at my current work and first paint.

To be honest I’m not even sure that it’s going to be a vertices piece at this point I’m actually tending towards a horizontal work currently but we shall see. Sometimes these things take a couple of days to come to light.

Now for a closer view.



It’s funny how these things work sometimes, the overall image I’m not pleased with but within the details of the piece I find it easy to get lost. Anyhow at this point I still scrap the whole thing and start again while I still can. I’m only here for a week so I have to be very mindful of how much and how far I get each day also taking into account drying time and other technical aspects of the work. Not to mention the whole Parkinson’s thing which I have almost no control over.
Well as always,
Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have. I’ll be checking in later so happy weekend to all.

Much love.
“A life in progress”

11 thoughts on “Day 2 the traveling painter~First paint

  1. i do like the idea of horizontal, I tipped it so that my right becomes the top and I saw two figures emerging from water. This probably has nothing to do with your concept, lol!
    I hope the mystery within will speak to you loud, clear and soon.
    Cheers 🙂


  2. i do like the detail in this one. to me, i see a forest, with all its textures and color subtleties, with sunlight coming through and streaming in, and a beautiful body of water running through the middle, a fresh spring or a waterfall.


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