Day 1 the traveling painter

I’d like to say that amazing things happened and I’ve created the next museum level piece that will revolutionize the modern abstract expressionism movement, if there even is such a thing. Really who knows I there is? But honestly after picking up supplies today and doing a little shopping for myself I spent most of the day watching paint dry…………….
Yep it was that exciting 🙂
I jest kind of I had a good day all in all but truly I spent most of the day heckling the consistency of the texture like a kid trying to stay awake long enough to see if Santa clause had come yet. Checking and re checking the paint for dryness.

Here is a really not exciting photo of a big 4’x5′ textured piece of Masonite with linen clothe stretched over it lol.
zzzZZzzz pretty boring.



And some close ups of white…. Again not the most thrilling thing you’ve seen all day. Tomorrow though I promise things will start to change. To the texting has set up very nicely and by the morning it will be even better as it dries more through and through.
Tonight I had dinner in one of the cities must do’s. Spent dinner time at
Blueberry Hill on DelMar St. Good beer and good food, the place was really busy so it made for great people watching which for me is a favorite pass time. Well tomorrow is quickly approaching, matter of fact for many of you it’s already here, kind of weird to think your living in my future as I write to you from your past. Pretty odd yes? Really don’t think about it, I’ve tried and it just gives one a headache. Time makes me crazy. Another one of humans creations that manages to backfire upon ourselves more often than not. I’m mean how many times have we all sat around and not replied to an email or returned a txt or phone call.??? Until it was to late… Because of time we have to late. Nothing will wait unchanged forever. So I guess my message tonight would be don’t wait. If you have something to say, to do, do it! Say it!! Reach out connect with people online in RL across the desk however simply do it. Why ? Because there is a to late. There is a time when the weight of the moment is meant to be felt and if you don’t cst that moment will never come again as it was. So take it from a man who counts every minute because I live every minute. I have to I’ve been shown my clock I know clearly one way my story and journey may end. Okay.. Wow that got really heavy lol I guess I ha to make up for showing you guys a blank panel. Any how good morning, goodnight and good afternoon.
Merci Beaucoup. Mon Ami.
As always: Soyez courageux, soyez audacieux et prospérer dans votre vie.


A life in progress

7 thoughts on “Day 1 the traveling painter

  1. Good night from you future, monsieur peintre. Or are we now in the same time zone? Too late in mine to think of more than sleep and dreams 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the progress tomorrow. ~xx


  2. Glad to hear you’re having fun Hun :-)) Throughly enjoy watching your development as a work in progress, TY for sharing!

    And your message rings true to me here in Futureland…. as I have a tendency to keep myself within and not speak up…. But what you have said is true…. So I will strive to talk s’more! 😘 xox

    PS: I really, really think you should do a book Hun…. incorporating your journey, some if your art and poetry!!!!! I really think it would be a hit plus an inspiring keepsake!


    • Thank you I’ve been thinking of doing so aside from the words I spill here I have a super boring but accurate pain journal that I kept for almost two years prior an during my DX.


  3. happy you’ve had a happy time. and i agree about the concept of time, i tend to resist it, and ignore it, as much as possible, as far as schedules and clocks and days go, instead i just try to live each and every moment, without waste or haste or regret or guilt. just being fully alive.


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