High :-) from 30,000 feet.

Flying is one I those things that used to scare the hell out of me but then one day I realized that life does what life does no matter you think may or may not happen. So all the what if’s in the world can’t an won’t change anything. So I sit here at 30k looking out the window at the tips of the clouds and simply enjoy it. I think that’s the one thing we are really missing in most of our lives as with race to the next red light. Take time to enjoy the view. If I had one wish come true today it would be for anybody who reads this post to stop for 30 seconds close you eyes and listen to the sound of your soul. Feel the sun, wind,rain what ever it is that makes you feel alive do it for at least 30 seconds. Please…… Right then I just landed in St.Paul for a cool two hour layover. Just enough time for a couple of pints and some lunch before the next leg of my journey.
Much love



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