Traveling painter……head east my child..

Well it’s just about that time and I figured you guys have had enough of my overly dramatic writing as of late so I figured I’d lighten things up a bit some good ole fashion adventure.

“Have paint, will travel.” Has always been my motto when it comes to adventuring. As far back as I can remember I’ve taken my journal or complied a collection of napkin art from coffee shops around the world as I’ve made way. Then it was sleeping on the beach to catch the perfect sunrise and set. Or to meet the morning surf before anybody else showed. Sleeping in tents and the back of a buddies vw bug. Amazing times but I’m glad to do it a little more in style these days. With my bags packed and electronics charging. My sketch book and travel easel and paint ready to go the rest of the day is mine.
I already know what I’m going to paint when I get to my destination so no prelim drawings to worry about, it’s all in my head. I’ve seen it from start to finish and with any luck I can convince my hands to reproduce what I’ve already seen and then world will be a brighter place. Well mine and the clients at least 😉

I always like to give myself something to come back home to so I’ll be starting a new piece before I leave and since I leave tomorrow morning super early I doubt I’ll finish it today. I sure hope everybody has been doing well these last few days I apologize I haven’t stopped by much I’ve been working through some stuff in my head and heart. Plus fighting my body
24/7 lately. Well I’ll be sure to check in from time to time and if you want to be apprised in a more real time fashion you can find me on Facebook and twitter.

Much love and light to all.
PS: feature pic is the show in the Salem capital building.


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