Such melancholy metaphorical metaphor:

*** please join me in a experience I’d like to share with you. Would you kindly…. When reading these following words put on your most Shakespearean thinking voice. It is an important part of this journey I’d like to share with you. I will do my best to marry some images that I feel may help evoke or convey the unspoken emotional context as well.

Oh melancholy metaphorical metaphor:
On what heart strings does this muse
play a song I’ve never heard
Yet hold captive such a lions heart.
That, fore which has only fed on the
sight of its hearts desire
and heard only the whispered words
from which lips may have spoken.
They do so haunt every thought
as such brutal silence grows.

Stay this tongue now with sweet arrows of disconnect forever
or take me in your soul forevermore.
Quell this maddening hunger with one soft word
oh muse of muses.

Harken to the silent dawn of ink less quill and sleepless night
as I wait your vacuous embrace,
To pull this lion heart from the depths
of wanten remorse and lipless embrace..
Silence…Oh crickets in the night…., so sing with the frog prince no more….

2014 10:10p.



12 thoughts on “Such melancholy metaphorical metaphor:

    • This afternoon when I have the house to myself I may just do such a thing. Having not to worry of prying faces asking how and why. Alway a pleasure R to be blessed by your presence.


  1. your image is incredibly powerful and says it all, and your words reinforce this.

    here is a haiku for you, benjamin –

    knight wakes in silence
    hoping wanting just two things
    he seeks peace and love


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