Words……some small, some large..

My head lay heavy tonight to find my heart so far away
It dances with my soul to a tune I’ve long since forgotten
Of lovers lace and satin sheets
Secret places we so often meet
A whispered word to a name unheard
Like a moan to def woman’s ear
Call my name and I’ll part the sea
Climb any mountain to meet my muse
My heart my love….white dove…..
Light of my eyes and fire of my heart
But silence be stills this nights fire
Does the moon not shine where you can see? Has the sun not kissed the sea a thousand times today and I you not once ever….never……for muses
And lovers gather on beaches and sunsets and sand. Gather together across all the great lands. But….. Where dies the night with sorrowful branches drag, the bitter sweet rash of forever not hang. Solemn woeful heavy handed night of rain and pain leaves me bitter with blight. For muses delight….

** there are days I can paint and others where my body decides for more me. When I can’t paint I write and then either can’t happen I steal words from myself and share them with you.
The scope of today here in my RL is immense. I have new lighting going in both my office,studio and main house 15 some odd fixtures. I’ve new windows for the main house being delivered as well as siding. Not to mention the general contractor running around , oh and the bug guy. Demo in the kitchen for a new range hood ( I’m excited for that!!) most of you know I love to cook. Then if the stress of all that doesn’t render me useless I’ve clients coming today to pay for some pieces that are on display at Crema. Oh and I travel on Thursday. I kinda wish I took just turtle away today 🙂
Well, being that I’m fighting to simply type this morning I’ll wrap this up. Happy Monday, let’s try and make it the best day ever shall we. And remember to always Be brave, Be bold and Thrive in the live you have.



24 thoughts on “Words……some small, some large..

  1. yes, save your energy for your paint, your words, and your caring approach to the world. i wish that you could commune with muse, be free of the constraints of a body with it’s contrary way, and find solace in your everyday.


  2. Enjoy all the remodeling changes in your new place…it is so exciting to hear about the new house becoming your new home. xo xo xo


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