I reached out to an empty hand……and fell..

If I showed you the heart of the child would you promise not to laugh?
And if I held you in my shaking arms
Would you tremble with me or walk away.
Does the depth of your heart run deeper than this electric light
Or is it shallow like a river run dry
Could it be an ocean or deepest of loch
Warmed by an evening breeze
Gentle to the skin and kind of heart
Does it require all that I am or can it stand against
these turbulent waves that crash against the shores of my mind.
Deep and rooted like trees of the gods.
Entangled in emotions deeper than hell itself.
Fear not of the child’s heart that weeps at the sound of bird song
Or the smell of roses
for a soldiers armor guards this heart with with sharpened tongue
And words that sting.
Lay by my side or walk with me in the night and you shall have but a piece of this guarded heart to hold and call your own forever and a day. For I would give it all away I am nothing yet have always been
full and empty, craving yet lack nothing. Neither angel or demon nor child and man,
Forever more…

**original written 2013



6 thoughts on “I reached out to an empty hand……and fell..

  1. Deliver unto me, thou child’s tender, wondering heart
    To protect and nurture such, is a loving Guardian’s art
    I shall deliver to you old soldier, that selfsame piece of me
    Feel it’s flutter in your trembling hands and you will see
    Deeper ground and stoney, to root your soul unto
    Empty body, aching soul, that craves the fullness that is you
    ~ kei xo


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