20 years and twenty minutes.

A long time ago… Before some of you were even born I fell in love with life. It’s ebbs and flows its patterns and cycles. I found an old friend this morning whilst I was clawing my way out if the darkness that I’ve been plagued with as of late. This darkness born of want and need both physical and spiritual. Feelings of never truly knowing what step to take and watching as I race the clock to fill my heart and mind with as many sweet dreams as I can before the death lights come for me. But I digress. I found an old friend this morning. An oil on canvas piece I started when I wasn’t “painting” back in the days of 80hr work weeks and corporate mayhem. Having never truly stopped the flow of paint since I started some 37 years ago I have dozens of these old 1/2 finished pieces hiding in cubbies around the studio, having packed them around for years fearing if I didn’t then I would truly lose myself to what I needed to be at the time verse who I’ve always wanted to be.

Sometimes life takes us on strange journeys to lead us back to where we started. I’m lucky. Luckier than most I realize this. I was able to see my dream come full circle and still be young enough to live it even if only for a brief time. And if I’m even luckier still I may convince the rest of our prevailing art world that it’s not how it is painted but what and where the paint comes from that is important. Here is a quick look at a piece I’ve decided to call twenty years and twenty minutes. Hopefully by reading the preceding text you’ll understand it’s title.

Canvas….I haven’t played with canvas in years. Twenty minutes of remembering brought us this today. I think I’m going to go purchase some linen and glue it to some panels and see what happens… Could be fun. Yes?
I’ve also been working on the next figure form in the collection I’ve called my ladies in the past. I believe I’ve done six of these in my lifetime thus far. She still has some work to be done but is coming along very nicely .

With a little luck and some focus I’ll be able to finish her before I leave this Thursday. She’s a gift for a friend.
I’d like again to say thanks to the many of you who brighten my days and nights. Who help keep me focused and guide me from the darkness I so often fight. Living with this new friend of Parkinson’s disease has been challenging in ways I never could have fathomed. So please know this. I cherish the many of you who’s gift of kindness and gentle words that have found their way to my head and heart.
I hope the universe fills your lives with all you desire and all you require.



9 thoughts on “20 years and twenty minutes.

  1. Every time I read your words, I feel you. Thank you for letting me know you here. You inspire me to be my best, most grateful, loving and compassionate self everyday, toward myself and every soul I encounter. Life is too long and too short to live without reverence. You are a prayer encased in flesh. Thank you for your song.


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