Ready set GO…… Adventures of the traveling painter

Well it’s that time of the year again. Time for me to pack my paints, brushes and palette knives and head out into the wild world. For those of you who may be new to this space. I do commissioned work all around the world. In many cases it’s far less expensive to arrange to have me come paint personally for you than it is to purchase and then have shipped a larger piece. I find the travel very rewarding and I love meeting new people and seeing new places.

Last years trip to the Midwest brought into the world my first real triptych piece:

As well as started the wheels turning on what could be done with the Coral series

This year again I’ll be returning in this next week for a week long painting and writing session. Then in April I’ll be making my way to the UK to meet up with some old friends, new friends and with any luck produce more art.
I can’t seem to find photos of the other pieces that are over-seas right now so hears a couple I found,


Their are a number more, I guess that’s one of the draw backs to painting as much as I do is I forget what tablet, laptop or flash drive has what on it, oh well such is the life of the traveling painter.
Well tis lunch time so I’ll bid you adieu until later, may the be kind to you and you to it.


10 thoughts on “Ready set GO…… Adventures of the traveling painter

  1. and you live the life a of traveling musician or storyteller, it reminds me of the old renaissance tales, one man traveling from town to town, sharing stories and art and a meal with people of the world.


  2. Bon Voyage. You are so lucky to travel and paint and so are those that will have the privilege to have you paint for them. Be well, my friend, poet, writer and painter.


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