Old School~ New School

Old school:
So today! is the big day, I go set the show at Crema and have say I’m pretty excited to see how it looks in RL. Today you and I will see it kind of here and I’ll take pics in the morning so we can all take a look as it hangs on the big wall. For starters here’s a sneak peak at some work many of you haven’t seen before. These are some of the pieces I painted just after my dx of young onset Parkinson’s in November of 2011.

Though I knew something was serious in 2010.

So many questions

The unknown


The long road
All four of these pieces are from the 2012 Parkinson’s series
New School:

I will also be showing some pieces that we’ve seen online but have never been seen outside go the studio.

The newly framed
Message in a bottle

Companion-Red Dragon ~Coral


Sad little mushroom man


Many faces of Me
It should prove interesting to see how this show is perceived it’s very different from previous shows I’ve done. I must apologize for the tense used in some of this script as I feel asleep midway lol. As always my friends Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have. I will try to do the same. Today finds me alone and heading to Crema to hang these pieces in about an hour, tired and still not recovered from pt on Thursday. I think I need a bionic hip and spine replacement, that would be cool.
Much love,
Ps: the traveling painter heads to STL on the 6th so stay tuned.


22 thoughts on “Old School~ New School

  1. Good luck on your show. Your work is beautiful. I noticed a pretty drastic contrast in style ( lines, colors, detail) between the old school and new school work. It helps educate about your experience on an emotional level.


    • Yes, the line pieces were done after many years off the main painting circuit. So I fell back to my root style of Picasso and Miro style figures of expression. It helped me regain my hand and heart again an have me time to think about just being diagnosed with PD at such a young age.


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