In the middle of the night

It’s been an interesting 24 hrs, most of which I’ve been awake for sans a few hrs yesterday mid evening. Pt yesterday kicked my butt, It’s still surprises me to find my new physical body so easily broken from what would have been considered a rough nights sleep. But I have heart IF nothing else.

If I can have patience in myself and ease into the day then a great day it will be. There is one thing that war and Parkinson’s has taught is that nothing lasts for ever and I embrace that ideal when the bad night come as they did last night.

Sitting in my rocking chair looking at my night..

Looking about the studio around 1-2am

Pondering a sketch done last year…

First paint as the night grows long.
After a morning nap exciting things will happen today. Love will be delivered to its new home today, Dark waters and 3 color abstract leave towards their new home today. I also will drop off Winters Birch and pick up the last pieces to be framed for tomorrow’s show at Crema. Well it’s Friday and I hope it treats all of you well. Me, I’m going to catch a quick nap then press the reset button on the day.
Much love.


3 thoughts on “In the middle of the night

  1. it was nice to see your pov throughout a long night, spent awake, and i love to read about you all your babies heading off out into the world to be enjoyed by even more people. i hope they day was kinder to you than the night )


      • well, at least that is something. we all do what we need to do to get through a day, and yours is many times more difficult than most.
        it’s good that you are able to get outside of yourself and the grip of the pain and stiffness, just to reflect on who you are. i learn a lot my time spent in that pursuit as well. i


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