Oh lonesome knight…

Oh lonesome knight…

Pain seeps from my very soul on
This lonesome night.
These bones have seen far better days and nights than the one that has come to greet me on this fair eve.
Does god not have a plan? For why else would he cause his child and right arm such misery.
The night called my name early yet wakes me only to reminded me I’m alive. Such torture is unwarranted I beg.
Oh lonesome night have you found my heart amongst the stars above send her home for this vacancy causes such lingering remorse. Empty pit of heart hollow hell made of bed linens and empty promises.
Takes these shaken warriors hands and give them stay and a place to rest the head.
Hearing sleeps siren I follow, follow her voice into the light of the night. Body stiff as a frozen baby bird and heart as lonesome as the Dead Sea I leave you, me, he, we in thought and paint and prose.



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