It’s been a busy day….

Yesterday that is….I think for one of the very few times ever I missed a day posting. It’s a rare day when I don’t even pop in to say hi or give a quick update. Simply it was crazy busy.

Here’s a quick little update from my adventures. Now keep in mind I will post better “final” photos of these. I went and picked up the two pieces which make up the Dark Waters Coral set:


Dark Waters Coral series 2014
Mixed media

These pieces have a super high gloss finish making them have an almost liquid look to their surface. It’s pretty cool because the seriously look wet.
I also spent the day fiddling with the final touches on the tree piece which also sold yesterday and I will be taking her to the frame shop today after physical therapy for her new frame.

Winters Birch
Mixed media

And last but not least I spent a great deal of time and paint hanging out with my new piece in the Good Night Moonseries.

Once I get some good light I’ll post better pics of the moon. The under painting and colors of this piece are intense. Between the cracks and divots ,layers and glazes there is a multi color explosion happening that my simple iPhone just can’t capture well enough without proper light. So that was my day except for the part where I had to help install a dishwasher in the number 2 kitchen because the plumber guy was a weenie and the random running around done that’s just part of my normal life. By the time I got back home, had dinner and was ready to relax my body said no more! And knocked me out till 2:18a this morning.
Oh that’s right I dropped off the piece for the show at the Capital building , silly me almost completely forgot. See I told ya I was busy lol.

This piece will hang at the Salem Oregon state capital building for a week during an annual juried show our city has. Kinda cool!!
Anyhow I missed you guys yesterday and many thanks to those of you who follow me on twitter and FB I appreciate the company whilst I’m out and about. Again today is testing at physical therapy 😦 boo, yes once a month I get to be reminded that PD is eating my body alive..yeah I know know that’s kind of a harsh statement but it’s simply just the truth. I have an amazing team of doctors and PT folks some of the best in the region so we’ll fight it until there’s no more fight left in me.
As always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.



20 thoughts on “It’s been a busy day….

  1. Congrats on hanging a painting in the capitol. You are definitely getting the exposure you deserve. Keep them coming and showing. Some people are lucky to see these magnificent paintings up close. Way to go.


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