Early morning words: If I gave you my heart

Given the light that shines from your eyes
how could I not be blinded by you beauty.
You words entrance even the most silent of knights
guiding him to his home in your heart.
A gift given only to angels, more soft than a
silken thread could ever yearn to be.
I crave the taste if your lips, the sweet nectar of life
only a women can offer.
Such blissful escape does my muse offer,
yet bound by time and space as my wolf heart hungers
for your embrace.
If I gave you my heart would you ask
for more?
Would turn away at the sight of my broken soul
left to wander for a thousand years of war.




23 thoughts on “Early morning words: If I gave you my heart

  1. Any muse has been themselves broken,holding a wolf heart of her own howling a mournful cry for a return bay from one tuned to hear her silent cry. Reach for her, be prepared for her soulful response.


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