Studio Update 2/23/14

Well hello there, it’s lovely to see you again please come on in. Let’s out on some music and talk about what’s been happening in the studio these days.

So it might be that it’s the weekend and I really do have more time to paint or it could be that I’ve been simply forcing myself to paint at every given turn. Here’s a quick look at what’s been going on, some work that was just completed this morning and some others at various stages of being done first the finished pieces in the Dark Waters Coral set Red and Blue;

Dark Waters
Mixed media
Acrylic,enamel, ink and varnish.
Within each of us lay Dark Waters and places we fear to trend. But it is not these places that define whom we are but the light that rises above these dark places. Always let your light shine through.



Tomorrow these two will go to the framers for their final fittings after which I’ll do a quick pic before sending them off.
With Coral finished I’ll continue working on Winters Birch


I have a local collector that has purchased over a dozen or so pieces that has an offer on the table for this piece so it’s time to get busy.
Winters Birch

Since I rarely can just work on a single piece at a time Blue Too is starting it’s evolution today as well.

Keep in mind that this is just the under painting and texture. I intend to finish this piece using the same technique as Love or As I (me down to sleep). Okay well that’s all I’ve got for you today so far. Again I really appreciate you coming by it’s truly one of the highlights of my day. As always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have .
Much love


10 thoughts on “Studio Update 2/23/14

  1. thank you for welcoming me in once again, you are such a warm and gentle host. i can see your passion in your paintings though, they give you away. and i am very taken with the winters birch. best, beth


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