Studio update ~ 2-22-14

Hi, I hope the day has found you well. You’ll have to pardon me if I’m a bit on the quiet side today as I’ve much to do. The weekends and the wee hours of the morning/night are the only truly free times I have to paint. Though today I have some lovely news to share. Both the new Dark Waters Coral pieces have sold as well as the 3 color abstract. So today I will be feverishly racing to complete the silvering of Blue Coral so that both Red and Blue may be taken to the framers this afternoon. Here is a quick look at the pieces that will be leaving the studio next week.

Dark Waters~Blue Coral




Depending on how the light catches this piece the silver either fades away or looks highly metallic it’s a rather fun optical illusion I must say.

Dark waters ~ Red Coral


The one thing that the studio lights don’t fully show is the amount of color change that is in the background, there are lots of subtle shifts between purple and reds, yellows and oranges.
And that brings us to one of the very last two 2013 pieces left in my entire collection. Abstract sun rise/set.
I call it a 3 color abstract. Because the entire piece was painted with only 3 pure colors. Now your eyes will see many more colors than three but that’s the point. I did this piece to show my technique of working with micro layers and glazes not to mention control of color, depth and texture. Which of course comes from a long standing argument amongst painters that is there really any control, technique or intent behind abstraction. I believe you know my answer. If not then please observe.

Abstract sunrise/set
**3 colors only**


This piece was also showcased at the OHSU *invite only Parkinson’s symposium in 2013.
Well it’s been lovely to see you I hope the day brings you all your heart desires. May the world be kind to you today and you to it. For without each other whom do we have.

Much love and light.
**a life in progress**


13 thoughts on “Studio update ~ 2-22-14

  1. You are such a needed ray of sunshine. I love all of your pieces but the Coral pieces are just gorgeous. I know I could spend hours appreciating them in the changing light and perspectives. Have a great day, friend!!


  2. Congratulations on your sales Ben, and thank you for sharing this lovely music. Your artwork is stunningly beautiful. I know, I’ve said that before, but it bares repeating. πŸ™‚


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