Sneak peak ~ First Paint~The studio 2/20/14

Good morning, afternoon an evening I hope the day has found you well. As per usual here my RL once the night fades my days as yours become more complex. I was however last night just as planned able to do some painting between 1-2am first we started with the textured boards I’d done earlier in the evening here is a glimpse of first paint as the two have evolved the first is
Blue too

The second is:
Message in a Bottle

One large Coral series piece and another Simple Truths Collection piece I will also finish the silvering of the second Dark Waters Blue Coral piece as well.

All of which will have to wait until after my day of both physical and speech therapy who’s time is quickly approaching.
Thought of the day:
Take strength where you can find it, offer it to those who have none and embrace those who give it freely, you’ll never know when you’ll need it later.
That being said I want to make sure each and every one of you reading this know how important you are to me. I read your words, drawings and paintings and gain hope and strength. They bring me to places I’ve yet to go and give me shelter from the places I’ve been. I’m forever thankful to have you in my life.

Much love
Benjamin M Prewitt
**a life in progress**


8 thoughts on “Sneak peak ~ First Paint~The studio 2/20/14

  1. blue too has me floating and message is like a beautiful celebration of life. the coral looks as though i am approaching a beautiful island, arriving by air, with just a hint of what i am to encounter upon landing. thanks for ending a long, cold, wet day with these flashes of beauty. ) b


    • Thank you, Message will have a very special treat for those who get to see it up close. The coral pattern is very tiny and delicate with the wood grain behind it becomes a very organic experience


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