Small Words…

~Oh holy knight~
Such hollow hands hold this broken heart.
Time and time again tears fall on silent ears
Words less spoken, but screamed at the night.
Why do our hearts darken over time.
Has life beaten the life out of us? Stolen our
Memories and replaced them with thorns
Torn from words thrown like knives.

This body deceives me
acts as if it’s
going to let me be free
Then stops…………
Holds me frozen in thought and time
waiting and watching as
others ponder my actions
Words slip slowly….liquid fluid in my
Mind but fail to flow from my lips.

~What time is it~
Can you see that clock…?
The one that calls your name…
I’ve seen mine and it screams run.
So I ran.. Far and wide till I could
Hear it’s screams no more..
Then I a clock screaming my
Name and I ran…




8 thoughts on “Small Words…

  1. I do not like but hear your meanings behind the sadness contained within you and these words. I hope for you a place in some quiet shaft of moonbeams, free. My loving thoughts are with you. X


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