Busy buzzy B~xx

We’ll hello, I hope your day is going well. Things here at the studio-house have been going a mile a minute it seems. Between,kids and painting, contractors and doctors I’m pretty sure my heads going to pop right off.I have landscapers, siding guys and window dudes, mixed with electricians and clients coming and going. Not to mention a sick little one at home all whilst I try desperately to create. Which I think is going okay but for me it’s hard to tell. I’m still getting used to the timing of this new home.
This morning since I really didn’t sleep last night I made a fairly large or rather important decision on the Dark Waters~ Blue Coral piece and decided that I was going to do the coral veins in silver. The cool thing with this silver is it’s actually made up from millions of tiny silver flecks so depending on the thickness of the paint I can get anything from a cool silver sheen to a straight silver metallic look.


I may have just started to get a routine going that I can work with. I have a few new pieces drying and bedtime coming up with the help of some drying fans and some time if things go correctly I’ll wake up at 1-2am and have two new pieces to work on. One large Coral piece and another textual piece.


This coral piece will be unique in the fact that there is no under painting except the natural grain and pattern of the wood. As the paint gets darker so will the grain of the wood. Hopefully the vision I have for this piece will be attainable, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Both of these pieces are 24″ x 36″ a nice size I feel. Large enough to have impact yet small enough to not require a huge wall space to enjoy.

Currently I’m not going to talk about color palettes for either of these pieces you’ll just have to tune in later and see what happens. Oh and remember the Winters Birch piece? Well I’ve ha an offer on it so I’ll be finishing that one up as well over the next week or so. Very soon actually a I have a Juried show coming up in the state Capitol building to hang **details coming soon. I have a solo show in March to hang, then March 6th – 13th I’ll be traveling to the Midwest to do a commissioned piece. And yes you too can rent a painter for a few airline miles room/board and supplies **no fee** and I’ll come paint a piece for you. Hence the “Traveling painter”. Anyhow 8p here in the PNW and it’s pill time for me so until we meet again. Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.
Much love



13 thoughts on “Busy buzzy B~xx

  1. it must be late as i couldn”t figure out where to put my comment… i come late at night most times and drink in your words and images. they move me so, i find i have none of my own to give back. my heart lays in pieces all around, a good thing, dear one. it is a blessing, food, to have one such as you in my life in times such as these … perhaps for us both, no?



  2. hey busy, buzzy, b. it sometimes feels as if you are the ringmaster in a european circus, under the big top, something going on in every ring. knives being thrown your way, you holding off a lion roaring behind you, an acrobat tumbles across the floor – and somehow out of all of that, comes – amazing beauty that you use your magical powers to create. and the audience is left gasping in awe and wonder.


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