Dark Water~Red Coral **Completed

The night was filled with silence and the song of frogs, crickets and warmed by a southerly breeze, yet my heart still longed for you touch.
A gentle reminder that your near though miles away as darkness enveloped my eyes. So rare does the sleep come yet it found me restless and wanten. Alone with the Dark waters of my soul facing demons in seas less traveled by men far braver than I.
Guided by a solitary rock floating high above. My moon takes me safely to shallow waters of the now. Giving safe passage to be just me for a moment in head and heart les not be victim of the Red Coral below harbored in such Dark Waters do I find shelter for my soul and say goodnight mon ami.

“Red Coral” Dark waters 1 of 2
2014 Coral Series
24″ x 24″
Mixed media
*sale pending*





Thank you for lending me your patience as I labored to find the heart and soul of this piece. Here in the year of 2014 I’ll be striving to bring the Coral Series to a new level. This piece is textural as well as detailed. It is comprised of 100’s of micro layers of glaze and color washes followed by a few hundred hours of hand painted coral lines using a 0/20 and #0 Connoisseur red sable brush that I’ve taken a razor to and reduced to the fines point possible.
In the photos above you’ll notice some “hot spots” that may come across as pink. I can assure you there is no pink atall in this piece, just some bad lighting.
Again many many thanks for enduring the doldrums of watching me paint the tiny pieces of this painting.
As always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

** I will be doing a final varnish and some background changes but nothing to extreme. Once this piece is framed I may post to my twitter.


11 thoughts on “Dark Water~Red Coral **Completed

  1. It is beautiful Ben and there is nothing boring at all in watching another artist at work and in love with their chosen medium. For me, it’s an inspiration when my own inspiration feels faded and thin. ~xx kei


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