A muses silent song

I will never hold you in my arms
Nor hear your heart beat with mine.
I will never taste your lips or hear the sound of your sighs.
For only in my mind from a far can I harness the power you give me.
Your perfection is white hot and should I ever reach to hold you other than in my mind I shall be forever be consumed in the passion you instill in me for you are my muse, my love, my lover and friend. Yet I could never say these words out loud for if done the spell would be broken….



18 thoughts on “A muses silent song

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  2. Sounds like it would be one fiery union..I hope you touch, succumb, consume and be so consumed and then part and feed your art beautifully on the longing to return. God pain can be so glorious!


  3. How how beautiful Benjamin! I love the esthetics of the picture, but I think I write better when I am in the “dumps” because I can’t be with my muse… (Well, I think mine fell off his horse in the forrest somewhere or ended up with another princess) LOL
    You writing is as beautiful and heartfelt as always… Perhaps you and your muse can touch heart to heart through words or art if not in person. πŸ˜€ ❀


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