Talking it out

There are days when the pain and fatigue are more than I can find words for. Sadly often those days are when people need me to be socially ” better” and not a guy shuffling around with Parkinson’s and stage 7-8 pain. See that’s the silly thing about neurological disorders is they change the singles and the way the brain sends or does send signals out. Today my hip sockets deep deep down inside where my spine joins the pelvis is basically on fire. Literally like waves of electric fire is washing over the bones. No amount of Percocet ever really tames the pain. It robs me of my leg strength and makes sitting impossible and standing almost unbearable.

Today reminds of this painting
The Many faces of Me
Mixed media
As my days can change at a without notice. Then again I think that’s true for all of us.
This post has lapsed into the next morning it now being 2/17/14 4:30am pst
I just to my morning pill and am doing the grandpa shuffle around the house, a fairly common thing for me so no big deal though my tremor is stronger than normal this morning so typing on my phone is a bit of a challenge. I like to think of it as trying to walk across one of those bouncy castles you have to catch the rhythm just right and move in short burst. Well being this early in the day it’s time to do two things drink coffee and get painting.
I’m so close to finishing at least the first layer of hand detailing on the red coral piece. I can see the finish line yay, then some planned changes to the back ground and viola we may just have one more piece to add to the 2014 collection. Anyhow I believe it’s Monday today so happy Monday it’s Presidents’ Day hear in the states which means the kiddos are home from school and I virtually have the house to myself since the girls will be out I town most of the week. Hmmmm what kin of trouble can I get into πŸ˜‰ lots I’m sure but I won’t. I’m a good good boy.

I hope wherever you are that you have a great day and that the world is kind and generous to you. Should you ever need a kind word or reminder if how absolutely brilliant you are please look my way I’m always here for.
Much love and light


21 thoughts on “Talking it out

  1. Sorry to hear you’re suffering today, admiration for your ability to go on with everything even though it’s hard. Fortitude, maybe it’s this that comes through in your art, something exceptional…


    • Thank you, I’m sure it must. I’ve never been one to let things hold me back. That’s one thing that PD has shown me loud and clear is that our time here really is short and we must, absolutely must engage each day and celebrate each moment for once it is past it truly is just that part of our history.

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  2. Your art is so beautiful – i am so sorry you are having a ‘bad day’. i am never quite certain what to say exactly and i wish i could say something to make you feel better, but i will say this – i admire your courage and your strength. believe me, you show more strength than someone who can finish a million Ironman’s. i also admire your talent – on a canvas and on a keyboard.

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    • Thank you and as far as what to say I don’t know I guess say what your heart feels I find it’s best. Talking it out was for me my way of letting some of the pain channel out of me giving me a way to not focus on only the fire inside my body


  3. While I know I don’t go through anything close to what you’re dealing with, something’s happened to my back and I’ve hardly been able to stand or walk for over two days now. You have more strength than you know. I’m sorry that you’re in such pain. I’m glad that you’re still painting and as always they are amazing.


  4. i’m always sorry to hear that you are suffering and know that some days are much harder than others. here’s to another day, with hopes it will bring you some measure of comfort. ) b


  5. I’m so sorry about the deep pain you so often feel – wish there were words good enough to ease what you are going through. Just know that many care and are concerned for your well-being. Take care and your painting, yeah that seems to scream what your body silently endures.

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