Another day..

Hi, I’d like to say I spent the day basking in the comfort of the studio creating thing of wondrous joy but that didn’t really happen today. Though I did work on the new red coral piece for a few hours but mostly my day was spent at physical therapy and or shuttling humans around from place to place.
Sometimes I’m not sure which is worse the pain that Parkinson’s creates by slowly stiffening all you muscles or the pain of physical therapy a we fight the F’n PD head on.
For me two really huge areas of concern are the piryfomis muscle seated deep with in the hips and my sciatic nerve **which I have permanent nerve damage in. It’s kind I a not so funny double edged sword. PD is classified as a movement disorder and as it does it’s thing it changes your gait and how you move, well the body is constantly fighting to correct it’s self but since the dopamine in a PWP isn’t there the nerve impulses to move get all messed up. So me I never had hip or joint issues prior to PD but now that I have to use a cane and my gait is messed up I have huge hip and lower back issues. I think lots of PWP do. Any how “Dory” and I from Finding Nemo have the same idea, “just keep swimming”. I stretch 3-4 times a day I practice Tai Chi and meditate I’m a very spiritual person so finding my balance and center amiss all this Parkinson’s cause is crucial.
Bottom line or take away I don’t know? Parkinson’s sucks, it ribs healthy people of the cognitive and physical abilities not to mention the social stigmas which are countless sadly because most humans are cruel heartless meanies. But seriously we need to find a cure. For PD,cancer(s), depression etc…. Most of all I think we need to fin a cure for the human condition. We need to give the world and our society’s back it’s heart and compassion I think if we all strived harder to be less self centered and more giving kind people that those beliefs and feelings would help revitalize out earth and those of us whom dwell here. Anyhow thanks for letting me ramble. My pain level is at 8 tonight and I can’t sit or stand,walk or lay down comfortably so I’m pacing the kitchen blogging on my phone whilst cooking dinner. Now for some words of encouragement:
I love you…your strong, intelligent, beautiful and amazing and anybody who tells you otherwise isn’t worth your time. Period, no exceptions, seriously your not going to live forever and how long do you want to subject yourself to people who don’t feel exactly as state above. Time for paint.

Pretty sad right lol I actually worked on lots more than that I just haven’t taken any pics tonight.
Over and out.



25 thoughts on “Another day..

  1. I love your words of encouragement B, to us and to yourself. You are one of the most positive parts of my day and I hope that you get some of that back when we talk. I can see you reflected back in all your friends here, that’s a testament to your spirit. Sending love and hugs ~xx


  2. love your encouraging and lovely words as always. you are so wise. we need to find a cure for the human condition (and PD). i’m sad to hear you’re in so much pain. know that you’re not alone! sending positive thoughts over to you. have a wonderful day tomorrow. please rest as much as you can. connie


  3. (((((Benjamin))))))
    I too have piriformus syndrome and nerve entrapment! A bitch is all I can say…. You give me the encouragement I need to do life each and everyday. I hope I give a little back to you, dear friend, XXXOOO


  4. just keep swimming can be a tough mantra at times – your courage ripples out and makes waves of change beyond measure – wishing with you for a tide turning toward compassion. wish I could ease it for you, B!


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