Sooooo Excited!!!!!!!

This is most of an email I just received “YES”!!!!!! So happy right now!!

We have received your image entry and are pleased to invite you to show your work at the Capitol Art Show.

Artwork is to be delivered packaged for transport to the Red Raven Gallery on Ferry Street during the week of February 27th during their regular business hours. You will be asked to sign a loss and damage waiver as neither Red Raven Gallery, Artists in Action nor the Capitol can provide security for the show.

The exhibit will be hung on Friday, February 28th and will come down one week later on Friday, March 7th. Your art can be picked up during normal open hours at Red Raven,

**juried show to be hung and judged at the state Capitol building!**



75 thoughts on “Sooooo Excited!!!!!!!

  1. So excited for you!!! We here at WP know how amazing an artist you are…to have such recognition has to be such an awesomazing feeling!!! I’m smiling…this post made me happy to have stopped by when I did!!! Hugs and Blessings sweet friend! ~


    • Thank you truly. Honestly I never thought I’d be accepted to the show. Especially the piece I chose to enter. Though I find it a powerful piece most seem to like to have recognizable form to their abstraction. So I’m very humbled.


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