Late night paint 2/11-2/12

Please won’t you come in, it’s lovely to see you. I decided not to waste my waking hours as these days the “me” time is a very slippery vixen. That being said as you listen to this tune please enjoy the studio as I just left it. I figure a little bit more sleep before the house wakes might be a good thing.
Here is an update on one of the two Dark Water pieces in this years Coral collection.

This is what I’ve spent the past 2hrs doing.



Some different views and lighting options. As many of you read this I’ll be drifting back off to sleep so I want to leave you with some words to digest. Please think of my voice and know these things to be true, you ARE brilliant, bold and talented. You ARE worthy of love, light and all the gifts the universe has to offer. You are everything you can imagine and I believe in you.!! Until later then…
Follow your heart..



10 thoughts on “Late night paint 2/11-2/12

  1. as i look at the details of your corals, i am reminded of the interiors of the human lungs. the tiny branches, reaching through and connecting, bringing needed oxygen in order to sustain life.


  2. I do love the colours in this one. The sinuous curves, lace-like fingers, there is so much motion in this. Puts me in mind of bellydance classes. It is so interesting to read the different thoughts and emotions that one beautiful piece can evoke. Talk soon, kei


  3. re SOOOOO EXCITED…That’s wonderful! Congrats B! I love what you’re doing. Your art is so full of feeling to me & I feel much better after reading “your support group for one” Thanks, I really needed to read that. Parkinsons has been keeping me tied to the levodopa dispenser! I have been painting while shaking –interesting effect! I am so lucky…need to start writing again! See you in the fast lane! Stay happy! Have a great day!


    • Thank you my friend you have no idea how good it is to hear from you if I could give you a giant hug right now I would. Being chosen for this showing is a beautiful distraction for me right now. My PD has been progressing faster than I care for pain,tremor,balance etc you understand scars the hell out of me. But each day we soldier on right!!
      Again thank you.


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