Greetings from the studio 2/11/14

I’m not sure what I enjoy more the act of painting or the place it takes me whilst I am painting.
I’ve been up since around 1:30am 2/11
Looking for distraction from my pain. See due to my travels and the snow I’ve been out of pain meds for a day, well out is an exaggeration I’m taking 1/6th of what I’m supposed to take. Hopefully today I’ll remedy that situation since the snow here has had a rapid melt off.
All the walking done on my trip with the brothers took it’s toll physically but I’d do it over again in a heart beat.
Since this mornings early wake up I stuck myself in the studio and continued on the Red piece of the Dark water Coral series. Here is one some section 1/9th actually of the topical coral detail painting that’s completed. Once the rest of the detailing is done I’ll go in a modify the background color and definition accordingly. Well that’s all I got. It’s a normal day here back at home so I’ll be putting on my chauffeur hat and doing what needs to be done.
As always please remember to Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.



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