Winter wanderland…

In a blurr of cold and liquid thoughts we three ponder the next task to find our bonds grow stronger as our bodies grow further part. Age has taken and given to each of us in so many different ways.
Some with paint and words another with food and funds the other a searching soul that grows hungrier by the day searching for a place to call his own.
I sit alone to write in room so crowded with words and sounds that typing is the only thing that keeps my mind settled from whispering through conversations not my own.
This last day o the brothers three is upon us two sleep as the drink leaves there body’s and there minds clear the fog created by food and fun. Liquid, luscious lingering libations and lost time.

I believe I’ve found my footing again so that I may once again express my heart and soul as clearly I feel and see the colours in my mind.

Much love to all.


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