Brief studio update

If at first you don’t succeed try try again. I believe that’s how the quote goes. Usually when I do these coral pieces they come together very quickly the vision is simple the technique direct and well practiced. Yet from time to time I come across a piece that want to challenge my normal conventions.

This is a cropped pic since the glare from my studio light is pretty intense this morning. The Coral design I like but the layering and contrast is for some reason simply not working so I’ve decided to hand detail each branch. Keep in mind many of these lines are mere millimeters wide and there are thousands of them so it may be a while before this pieces is done.

First I’ll go through with one color and highlight then most likely do another color then using a very very soft brush repaint the background.


In this last photo you can see where some have been painted and others haven’t. First I went through with a very fine sandpaper and prepped the surface to receive the color, then little by little I’ll go though every bit of this piece again probably 2-3 times.

The blue green piece I believe will not require this type of attention but who knows as each layer of which there are hundreds used to create these pieces poses the same issue. It will either finish the piece or ruin it. Paint viscosity, pigment saturation and many other variables come into play. Anyhow you most wonderful people I’ve got end of the year medical paperwork to do and hopefully some painting as well. Oh and for those who followed me on the last move over the holidays. Construction starts again here next week. New siding, windows, landscape. As well as some fine tune finish work, new lighting fixtures etc . Right then cheers.
Big love’n hugs for all.


7 thoughts on “Brief studio update

    • Yes, often people have the view that all abstract art is one big “happy accident” I try to educate people in my process in hopes that one day people will understand the fine art of abstraction.


  1. These are so different from the ones I bought, but I know you are like me… painting, whether it be with paint or words, seems to be an almost never ending thing. I am always going back and changing, adding to, erasing… etc. Lovely work Benjamin! 😀 Hope you are well…


      • There is nothing wrong with growing and changing you know. I really love the one I saw earlier today… which is probably a continuation of one of your new pieces. Haven’t been feeling yourself? artistically or emotionally? You know I’m here if I can help… I’m just slower these days cuz of my mom. (((Hugs)))


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