Pills, paint and pumpkin pie

Good morning,afternoon and evening, thanks for stopping in. It’s late here so I’m going to simply jump right in if that’s okay.(started this post late 2/2pm) It’s been said that the medication used to treat Parkinson’s disease can be just as detrimental as the disease because of the wide range and severity of side effects. As a PWP I would tend to agree. They tell me it’s harder because I’m young so I notice the changes in my body and mind more acutely than a person in there 60,70,80’s. I’ve also been told that often young onset tends to progress more rapidly to a certain point then slow down. Im yet to see the slowing down part yet. The three main meds I take daily are Ropinerole, carbidopa/ levodopa and entacapone. All of which come with a list of side effects as long as I am tall. Some of which makes me wonder why we prescribe these things to people. But I guess it’s the choice between two evils. Well that was a depressing bit of science time 😦 what ya say we move on and look at some art? Sound okay to you?

** and just for the record I was not around in 1966 πŸ˜›
Over this weekend I made a fairly large choice to start over on a piece I’d been working on for the past 6 months,

This piece no longer exists. I really liked the piece before I decided to add the “balance” aspect to it, and well it through it out of balance in all reality. It currently looks like this.

I’ve yet to add and secondary color, I used some modeling paste to retexture the scales and then a thin layer of gesso/wash over the whole thing in perpetration for the next layers of color. Lesson don’t feel like you have to hold on to things in your life that don’t work, regardless of the amount of time you’ve invested into it. Something’s just don’t work. I did also this weekend get back from the framers the first piece in the new coral series it’s the blue dragon side of the “companion” piece.

I think it turned out pretty nice. The inner section of the frame actually has a metallic flake in it that compliments the gold,green and yellows in the Coral pattern. The red dragon side is completed but not yet framed as professional frames are expensive $$

As soon as I save up some pennies I’ll get this one framed also. Since we are on the topic of The 2014 Coral series here’s a look at two pieces that are still very early in development;

Sorry about the glare as this piece progresses I’ll take better photos. Then we have the this piece,

Again both are in a very early stage of paint so they will change a great deal before they are done.
Today is going to be a mixed bag of things to do, Mondays and Wednesdays I have to wear my chauffeurs hat a ton but hopefully I’ll get to continue painting later today.
That being said I’m off to take people to the places they need to be. Oh and just to keep everybody in the loops the “traveling painter” will be running rampant across the US and UK again this year I’ll give dates and whereabouts later. Though this weekend darts the first of the adventures I’ll be in Portland Oregon for 4 days 6-9th for a “brothers weekend” always a good time of words,wine and whimsy. πŸ˜‰
Much love an light to all. I hope the day brings peace to your heart, rest to your mind and love to your soul.


**small words for those who read**
Given such heart of a man who’s love knows no boundaries.
Sees no line in the sand and cares not for convention.
I see love and give love freely as it heals the hearts and minds of all living things.
No cage can consume this aching heart as I press brush, rag and knife to paint or quill to ink. My love lasts enteral and is given freely without condition.
The end.

Ps. I hate pumpkin pie.


9 thoughts on “Pills, paint and pumpkin pie

  1. ” I really liked the piece before I decided to add the β€œbalance” aspect to it, and well it through it out of balance…” Genuine lol – and as I’m reading this during the dregs of the work day, I have a lot of people wondering WTF was so funny… πŸ˜€
    PS – I LOVE pumpkin pie… πŸ˜‰


  2. Critical lesson you exposed: There is no need to hang on to things in your life that no longer work or serve a purpose!! I couldn’t agree more, but we do hang on to so many things (feelings, belief systems, etc.) that don’t. I wonder if those things do not serve some sort of purpose–even if just to validate the sense of stuckness we might be feeling at the time. I love the evolution of your art! Namaste


  3. many times, the act of letting go, or surrender, is a much greater task than hanging on. i love the transformation into something you feel good about. i hate the pills you must eat more than you the pumpkin pie you have a choice not to eat. and love your words and paint.


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