Greetings from the day…1/31/14

What can I say about the day?….it’s beautiful here. A tad chilly but otherwise absolutely fantastic. My head and heart feel free of chaos and simply it’s a good day. Currently I’m down town getting ready to take down the show at Crema which is always a little sad but in a way it’s good. I’m taking February off from showing art. I’ve had shows since September I last year and I need a rest, I need to give a month to nothing but creating, writing and filling my life with things that give me strength. In turn I will be able to give in kind in return. Though a day full of tasks I was able to work the “The Last Dance” for a while this morning.

Still having some trouble with the reds in this piece (go figure) lol to me they are coming across as to “hot”

I’ve also spent a moment or two visiting the Winters Birch piece. If I don’t hurry up winter will be done and the moment will be lost 😦


Today though as mentioned is a fantastic day. Sitting down town enjoying the moments as they unfold


I’ve really been trying these past few days to stop worrying about every little thing. It’s in my nature to plan, protect and in general stress out 😉 but February is near and the time to let it all go has arrived and focus on my mental,physical and spiritual healing.
Well my time down town is done, I hope the world was kind to you today and you to it.
Much love and light

6 thoughts on “Greetings from the day…1/31/14

  1. understand your troubles with the reds, love the birch so much and no worries winter will abate any time soon, glad you have a bit of time off from one of your 237 commitments, and stop planning and so much if you can, it is draining of the energy you want to use in other ways, just let it flow, it will all be okay, no matter what does or doesn’t happen. b


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