2:00 AM……

Being located in the west coast of the US we are a little behind the world clock, so as Friday has arrived for so many of you, happy Friday btw, for me here it’s 2-ish as my tablet and I cuddle into the sofa looking for the sleep lost in the cracks. I thought I’d share the evolution of the Last Dance with you. What started as a bare piece of wood has transformed into this so far, very much a work in progress.



See I already had this frame literally just laying around so I’ve cut two 9×12 little panels the second of which isn’t at a stage I feel comfortable showing. Soon though. Maybe.

Well my friends I’m off to chase the sandman again for bit I do hope the dawn has greeted you with open arms. Have a lovely day. Talk to you soon.


14 thoughts on “2:00 AM……

  1. It’s Beautiful B. An appropriate start to my day where the sun is just thinking of coming up and as yet, is still just decorative. The Great White North needed a reminder of how warmth looks. Wishing you sleep and dreams.


  2. Still surprised and happy about certain news in my life, im reading your 2am post with a smile. 🙂
    Also, this painting appear to be very very interesting in texture… I would love to see one live one day.


    • Thank you, this piece though small has been very challenging because I’m trying to stay away from shocking colours yet still achieve a deep rich warm feeling through the paint. I hope your well,


  3. This is beautiful B! It looks like it’s painted with gold..yum! Happy year of the horse, dear friend, for whatever horses mean. I heard it was important to give birth in red underwear but otherwise… 😉


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