Choices..the good the bad the ugly.

Given the choice each day to fight for your life and the things you believe in. Are you a warrior? Or are you not? I ask a question similar to myself everyday. Everyday when I wake I’m conscious that I have a choice to some degree of what and whom I’m going to be. We all have challenges and by no means would I ever say mine are any more great or small than another’s. I do though believe it’s how we far those challenges that determine our fate. So I choose to be a warrior, not perfect not above any other just a scared boy trapped in a dying mans body who refuses to go quietly into the night. I choose to try to spread love, light,compassion and strength to every human I touch. For it’s not what a man has but what he leaves behind that is his legacy. So if all my paint and words fade into the annals of history I hope to be know for just a few things, love and kindness to others. Strength and determination to others. So as so often I’ve said I’ll say again.
Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

A life in progress


22 thoughts on “Choices..the good the bad the ugly.

  1. Benjamin! This is perfect… fits with my mood currently (you can tell from my post). Some days it’s so hard to stay strong, especially when you get slapped in the face with set backs. Well, I have several pieces of your amazing art my friend, and you’ll never know how much it soothes my soul on those days of anguish. It’s good to decide to stay determined, to be bold, Be Brave and Thrive… You have chosen the difficult, but right path (in my opinion) my friend! xxx K


  2. “I choose to try to spread love, light,compassion and strength to every human I touch.”
    I hope you know just how much of those things you’ve brought and continue to bring into my life.

    Much love, light and hugs. I’ve missed you! Sorry for my absence as of late.


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