Love and other things


I wanted to take a moment out of my day a wish everyone well. Today has been a roller coaster of colors and emotions for me this far. I did however make it to the frame shop to deliver Love. She is getting measured for her frame today, then soon to be sent off to her new home, As this piece has been sold. And yes that’s probably one of the worst photos I’ve ever taken 😦 as you already know I’ve been up since 12:30a and I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. Anyhow as always. Be brave, be bold and thrive in your life.



23 thoughts on “Love and other things

  1. I love it! The painting is beautiful and you took a fine picture as well. I say pretty darn good for only getting a couple hours of sleep. 🙂



    • My dear I wish I would have known. The new collections have been getting offers before the ever make it to the gallery. I will be doing multiple pieces within a theme Hope,Love,passion,strength,honor ect.
      Simple Truths. So if you see something or if you need something in your life please let me know.
      Always your knight.


      • Dearest knight that you are. Please be at slumber not painful wakefulness. Last night I was again awake all night. I’m so tired of this but cannot change it. I think next time I’ll pop in and whisper for you. I miss our midnight meanders.

        No worries, my dear. I’m happy your paintings are moving so fast. I should take a lesson from your book but think I’m sunk as I cannot paint as prolifically as you. My turn for another Love will come. The colors had my name on them! xox


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