Predawn wandering words

Given such secrets does a heart long for a gentle place to rest it’s wing from a story unwritten yet acted out a thousand time across a millennia.
I’ve spoken your name in tongues long forgotten and carried your heart with mine for a thousand years.

These sands of time hold no measure on the love of a wandering knight given curse to hold passion so deep. Through paint an prose so the story goes. I’ll wait for you on the other side.



19 thoughts on “Predawn wandering words

    • I believe that we are all connected in some way or another. Some of us more so than others. That person on the train that goes by that you’ve never met not ever will but you lock eyes and form an instant connection. Yes..soul mates.. Many of them all searching for things left un-done.


      • I’ve always believed this. Soulmates, in all the different forms they can take, not just lovers, sometimes as teachers or even adversaries; move us forward with each encounter. These were beautiful words to wake to,
        Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, kei


      • Thank you Kei, yes not only lovers, far from. All living things, silly as it seems but after my soulmate Michael died I had two ravens that followed me for years. No joke.
        Have a lovely Sunday as well.


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