Day 2: doctors and driving

I find myself here once again 4a pst wandering about the studio knowing I can’t really start much if anything. Especially after being 5 min late to my appointments yesterday. Just one more section, I kept telling myself. Kind of like reading a good book. Yes, I couldn’t detach from the paint quickly enough to shower and drive all the way across town = late…. To me being late is a big disrespect, plus it’s a waste of their time and my insurance dollars. So today even though gravity is pulling me with great verve I will not engage the paint…..maybe…probably…
Today is the official barium swallow test up at the regions top teaching hospital OHSU. It’s where my neurologist is at but today I go to floor 3 and drink weird stuff in front of a SLP speech therapist and an X-ray camera so they can get a baseline on my ability to swallow stuff. Yay!…….. No not really yay.. More like booo, if I wasn’t choking on half the stuff I swallow it wouldn’t be necessary.

Yesterday’s PT testing was as expected I showed up did my walk test,strength and balance testing then hit the pool for 1/2 an hour. Woke up today feeling like little monkeys are trying to rip the sciatic nerves out of my legs but hey, I kicked ass on my test!! It’s the driving today that’s the trick, sitting for an hour is next to impossible, sitting through dinner is next to impossible, you should see me on long flights lol I always warn my seat mates and get an isle seat because I’ve got to constantly stretch when in a seated position otherwise big trouble. Sadly I already have permanent nerve damage in my sciatic and a build up of scar tissue in my hips and shoulders hence the constant flow of pain meds. Trips me out to think I walked around for 1.5 years in screaming pain before anybody actually tested my nerves. Doctors are funny birds. I’ve learned never make your doctor feel inferior or they’ll never get you what you need because if it wasn’t their idea then it’s not the right idea…. Yes I now keep my mouth mostly shut at the doctors. No more research no more staying up weeks at a time reading 1000’s of pages on anything. It’s not worth it. Well not for me. I guess in my case less is more. Less chatter keeps me from getting in more trouble 😉
Oh I forgot to mention and please join me in saying goodbye to “New Moon” and “Sanguine Moon” as they are starting their journey to their new home later today once I get back in town.

Isn’t she pretty in her new party dress, and Sanguine Moon you’ve all seen a million times, she recently took the first place ribbon in our cities Annual juried show.

One of the things I find most delightful is they will be joining an old friend that we haven’t seen in many a moon (giggles)

Yes it’s true I do love the circle, one could almost say it represents everything we are in this life and more. I save my metaphysical rant on circles and they cycle of life for another day.
Well my dear friends it’s time for me to hit the showers and continue to fight the gravity well that is my studio. I wish you all the best if luck in your days. May you be successful at all you do and happy in heart, mind and soul.
Until we meet again.
Be brave Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

Much love.


14 thoughts on “Day 2: doctors and driving

  1. glad you made it through your rough day of tests and pushing the physical limits of your body. and thank you for a last view of your beautiful moons, looking over me, as i head off to sleep very soon )


      • it is always my pleasure, benjamin. as you know, i feel richer in many ways for having crossed paths with you. i saw this phrase on someone’s blog today, and thought of you.

        This simple Italian phrase, when loosely translated, means “the senses move the body”.


      • Well my body certainly moves 😉 all on its own lol. I hope your well and not to snowed in on the second round of snow and ice. Today is going to be tricky. The physical/mental stress of yesterday sent me crashing about 6:30 last night sadly missing my pm pills again!!! Today will be challenging but I only have one errand to run this morning then I’ll be in the studio the rest of the time ignoring my body and it’s pain and wiggles.


      • well, apparently your senses are in hyperdrive ) i will not complain about the cold, when i think about your pain, though there is no school today, too cold for the littles, and so i will spend my day in my favorite pursuits – reading, writing, cooking, watching a film, napping, and creating a collage.


  2. It makes me sad when I hear you say you need to keep quiet at the doctors. You really need to find a different doctor. I have been on both sides as a patient and parent of a child with a neurological degenerative disease, and have also worked as a patient and family advocate in healthcare. You have every right to ask for things, to question, to be an equal partner in your health care. I’m one of those people who shows up in my doctors office with internet information and medical journal articles on the latest trials,research, etc. That is just being an engaged patient. At the hospital where I work we call people like us high information patients/parents. Good doctors recognize that it’s important for patients like us to both give and get a lot of information; they treat their patients in a patient &family centred way and recognize them as equal partners. Why don’t you see if you can find someone else who will respect and really listen to you.


    • I’m with you 100% during the earlier stages of my DX I was my own advocate. I read so many articles and questioned everything, got second and third opinions, then I hit a wall, my lead neurologist basically stopped engaging me on anything. Still to this day nobody has really dealt with my pain issues associate with my pd because it doesn’t fit with in the box only a very small % of PWP have central nerve pain like I do. I last asked for a muscle relaxant to add to my pain pill and PD med mix an the said I should take klonopin which isn’t even a real muscle relaxer. I’m not really sure what to do because their are so few neurologist that want to deal with me because of my age. 43 which I guess is pretty young for pd. I guess I have up a bit 😦 sad to say I don’t have anyone who regularly come to my visits with me so it’s really hard for me to communicate my needs to the doctor. Any advice you have to give is greatly welcome.
      Ps. Thank you very much for commenting..


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