Love ~ almost finished

24″ x 48″
Mixed media, oils, ink
and acrylics
2014-Simple Truths collection

I was searching my archives of written word for love and it seems just about everything I write about has the word love in it. I’ve picked a more recent verse to attach to this thing we call love. Yet no words shall ever truly capture love. I believe it to be like fire very much alive for once truly captured I feel that love and fire share the same fate.. They are extinguished. Wars have been fought, heart,minds and body’s healed. Enormous acts of courage performed all in the name of love. Yet it’s different in the eyes of every living thing. For some it is simple for others such a myself, it is deep and complex, it is strong and endless, unconditional yet as delicate as the breath of a sleeping child. Here are some words of love written by me: 11/13/13

There is no rest in sleep
Born from a poets heart
A wanderers mind
And a lovers soul

I miss you like the leaves
Miss the springs sun
After the warms rains have
Washed the detritus
from the day
As the cool autumn night
Guides the inborn fire of life
Taking seed once again
So do the stars flirt high above

I yearn for you as the sands cries
each time the waves say goodbye
Just as the moon slips far from sight
Only to give way to his lovers dawn
Each breath my last till the next
Takes it place by your side as I
Desire to be but can not.
On this mid autumns song

The photos below are from left to right
Top, middle, bottom close ups of Love.






I often paint and write about the things I feel and or need in my life. Sometimes I don’t know which it is until Ive completed the piece. I believe that our world needs Love right now a collective deep breath of love to ease the hearts and minds of many. This piece will not change dramatically as I’ve seen love in it. It will get many layers of varnish which will help create even more depth and color separation. That being said I share my love with you.

“A life in progress”

22 thoughts on “Love ~ almost finished

  1. The first thing that struck me was that it looked as though there are 2 beautiful flowers of different kinds living in different places. The top and bottom.. Not sure if you noticed that.


  2. Dearest Ben I so agree with you wholeheartedly… but a beautiful interpretation of a person trying to describe something to another which I read and saw recently in the film “The Book Thief” made me stop and think of the importance of expression and the use of words…. And I love reading your richness, exquisite and interpretation my dear friend very much! xox

    PS: YES please do a book of Poetry…. you could even incorporate some of your paintings and journey!!!!!!


  3. Ben this painting is so special! I think it could be my favorite yet – though it’s hard to choose from the many amazing pieces you’ve done.
    This one is just so outstanding and precious, right down to the name you chose. And the colors are so peaceful and beautiful!


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