Simple Truths **Love**

** storm large~omg..;)
Right paintings, yes the piece I’m going to show you is still in its infancy in development but the colors and patterning is shaping up to my emotional satisfaction. I give you **Love**
A work in Progress from the Simple Truths Collection


And now for the customary close up shots



Well my dear friends I would love, some more coffee and to get out of the house for a minute or two today. If you care to chat or say hi you can always find me in FB or twitter when I’m out wiggling around town.

Much love and light


10 thoughts on “Simple Truths **Love**

  1. Oh, Benjamin! I do not know how it happened, probably when I was using my iPhone on vacation over the holidays, but you were “unfollowed.” No wonder I did not see you for so long. A million apologies. I am so glad you commented so I could snap out of my fog and get back to following you!!! Thank you!! 🙂 Big hugs, Skye


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