2014 expected Collections

Hello, thanks for coming by. As mentioned in a previous post I have some plans for 2014 and the collections I’m looking forward to creating and sharing. You’ve already seen a couple of them.

Autumns Passing
Is the First of a Seasons Series more than likely I’ll only do four of these a year,
Upon completion

Winters Birch
will be this years first Seasons piece.



HOPE Was the first piece in the Simple Truths Series.
This series will deal with many human, emotional and spiritual elements I believe we all share.
I will also be continuing the Circle Series under a new title Goodnight Moon series. As the title may suggests it will be abstract expression visions of the moon and or sun in a variety of colors,sizes and positions. The first of this 2014 series is:

New Moon.
I’m also going to be working on a new Coral Series II which I hope to make even more bold and dynamic than the previous collection. Underwater Love is probably the best example of what the new Coral Series will look like.

I also have planned a number of Figure pieces here’s a little reminder


    And of coarse I’ll simply paint for the sake of painting, it’s in my heart, mind, body and soul.







    Now that I’ve overloaded your optic nerve I’m going to go start cutting some panels. Also I’ll Ben running down town to put name tags up for the secret Crema show. Remember I do commissioned work and offer limited edition signed prints. Please never let money stand in the way of a piece of art that you may want, I consider trades, gift cards, heck pay my phone bill and we could have deal. Really the point being is Art is for the people, all people not just the rich. I’m just a man a human like any other, my gift is no more precious than what you have to offer the world. That being said, Be Bold, Be Brave and Thrive in the life you have.

    A work in progress

15 thoughts on “2014 expected Collections

      • thank you, dear B. Tread lightly upon your aching self. Be with your paints, throwing wildly… i have a policy after hard lessons, of not naming a painting’s outcome before it’s OUTCOME because i find if i do, i seem to shoot it and me in the foot! does that happen to you? the limitations of naming it to a following on here seems to constrict me every single time! if not, happy you. ♥


      • Oh I’ve ruined plenty of pieces, this piece and I have an understanding I’m moving very slow with her, she’ll tell me what and when and I will respond accordingly.


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